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Residual current electrical fire detector
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Residual current electrical fire detector is used to monitor the change of residual current value in the protected line.

When the residual current in the protected electrical line exceeds the alarm set value, it can send alarm and control signals.

It is generally composed of residual current sensor and signal processing unit.

The residual current sensor measures the change in the residual current value in the protected line.

Generally, a high magnetic conductivity core material with a closed ring is used. (such as high-permeability nickel steel or supercrystalline alloys)

When the residual current passes through the protection line of the sensor, the sensor will induce the data and send it to the signal processing unit.

The signal processing unit receives the measurement data of the sensor and analyzes the data.

A signal processing unit can be connected to multiple sensors.

Residual current sensors can be divided into circular sensors and rectangular sensors according to their appearance.

Circular sensor is mainly suitable for cable passing.

Rectangular sensors are mainly suitable for copper bars and side-by-side cable passing.

Among them, the circular sensor is divided into closed type and open type.

The open type is composed of two parts, which is mainly used in the reconstruction project of disassembling and disassembling lines without power failure. (Some places can not power off, can not disassemble the cable, cable can not pass through the sensor)

According to the system form, the residual current electrical fire monitoring detector includes two types: independent and non-independent.

Independent detector with sound and light alarm function, can be used independently.

The non-independent detector can be connected to the upper level equipment (electrical fire monitoring equipment) through the signal processing unit, and the system function can be realized by the electrical fire monitoring equipment.

It doesn't work independently.
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