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Shopping mall and market interconnection security solution
How to make shopping mall and market security solution to save money and receive best protection? NB-LOT new technology network can have more than 100 shops nearby joined together. The joined group shops share safety guard and security equipment. Moreover, their detection probes, emergency call, smoke heat alarms are interconnected. That means, if one detector such as smoke detector alarms, all others will receive alarm information and alarm number will be showed. Then all shop owners will run to the alarm shop to help. The disaster will be stopped at first time. At lease loss will be reduced to the least.
Compare with old network such as bus-line network, NB-LOT network can be built easier and reaches to longer distance.
Shared alarm control panel or video alarm panel will send alarm information to police center and security service center. TCP/IP wired network or 4G GSM GPRS network is used to send alarm information.
NB-LOT network interconnection shopping mall and market security solution is well applied for many small business security protection. It can be used for factory security, enterprise security etc.
Features of the shopping mall security solution:
1.New technology NB-LOT network with stable connection and lower cost. The network can include more users.
2.SQL server 2013 database system with more large capacity and backup for data record.
3.Remote upgrade and maintenance is available.
4.Manage the system centrally and authorized user operation.
5.App setting and operation for the system.
6.TCP/IP and 4G fast network communication and data sending receiving.
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