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intelligent security
Artificial intelligence technology is helping the security industry to upgrade. Li Shishi and AlphaGo man-machine war sets off the artificial intelligence development.

Based on deep self learning artificial intelligence technology also helps development of security industry. With artificial intelligent technology, the security system can self identify the status and adjust action. It largely speeds up response to security issue and prevents crime.

What is artificial intelligent technology? The system can complete the task replace the manual, that is artificial intelligence. The definition for artificial intelligence is changing. At initial stage of security industry, the security camera can auto switch to infrared mode when the illumination is weak, it is auto identification artificial intelligent technology. Now, auto identification technology is basic technology of artificial intelligent technology.

It is like development of security industry from protection of people’s lives and property to improving people’s living convenience and comfort. The artificial intelligent technology will help the security industry to upgrade to smart security industry of smart home and intelligent city.

Security Robot

Industry Robot and intelligent manufacture starts New Made in China Industry 4.0. Security Robot is one of the example. Various inspection sensors is patrolling and transmitting data to remote monitoring center. Potential risk will be found and stop accident.

Robot on industry security

Security Robot works for patrolling replace manual patrolling is popular on industry security such as electric power industry. Security robot works 24 hours without any problem for inspection of device. It largely increases working effeciency and saves labor power and saves cost. Security robot can easy equip sensors with new technology and inspection way. It ensures normally working of electric power devices.

Security Robot Technology

There are 10 new technology used for security robot. They are Navigation and positioning, computer vision, target tracking, mobile and motion control, check / inspection, algorithm, target detection and identification, sensor, network, human-computer interaction. Which navigation positioning, computer vision, target tracking and sensor is commonly used technology.
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