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How to install PIR and Door Contact for home security
Infrared detector is popular motion sensor. The PIR is used for security protection of bed rooms, living room, balcony etc. It is installed with bracket for angle adjustment. The detection area may be horizontal 110 degree, thickness 65 degree of fan-shaped area.
Can you install the PIR according to the instruction manual? Below we will make clearer steps for guidance.
Step1. Using impact drill to make two holes on the wall according to PIR bracket fixing hole. Then fix PIR bracket with screws (included in the PIR package)
If there is no impact drill, using cement nail to fix the bracket on the wall.
Step2. - the PIR body to the universal bracket. The PIR level angle and vertical angle can be adjusted for best detection.
It is better to install PIR in the corner of wall to get best protection area. Select installation location, installation height according to PIR instruction manual. Below is the illustration of installation ways and effect.
Door magnetic contact is another essential component of home security. Door contact includes two parts: magnetic switch and emitter. When these two parts are separated by about 1cm, the emitter will send alarm signal to siren strobe or alarm control panel. Magnetic contact can be used for alarm of door windows, fence or other protected objects.
The emitter should be installed on fixed object such as the door frame. The magnetic switch should be installed on moving object such as door. If the door and the door frame is not at the same plane, you can use a small piece of wood to block up the low side.
There are metal door contact, wood door contact and rolling door contact. Please select corresponding door contact for the door security protection. You can use double faced adhesive tape to fix the door contact or use screw to fix the door contact. It is better to use screw fix it.
The alarm system installing manual will guide how to enroll the PIR, door contact to the alarm control panel. You should read the manual carefully and follow it.
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