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Installing outdoor security cameras
CCTV surveillance system can be used for purpose of monitor, detection, observe, recognition, identify and inspection. Many homes are with CCTV cameras installed in house. Also many homes are considering installing CCTV cameras outside house to increase home security protection or other purpose.

There is limitation of installing outdoor security cameras for home owners. Neighborhood dispute is one problem. Security cameras may be used for unlawful purpose such as peeping. So, in some countries such as UK, there is privacy protection regulation regarding outdoor CCTV camera installation.

To correctly operate CCTV system, you should remember to obey the following rules. 1. Equipment should be sited in such as way that it only monitors those spaces which are intended to be covered by the equipment. 2. If domestic areas such as gardens or areas not intended to be covered by the scheme border those spaces which are intended to be covered by the equipment, then the user should consult with the owner of such spaces if images from those spaces might be recorded. 3. Operators must be aware of the purposes for which the scheme has been established. 4. Operators must be aware that they are only able to used the equipment in order to achieve the purposes for which it has been installed. 5. If cameras are adjustable by the operators, this should be restricted so that operators can not adjust or manipulate them to overlook spaces that are not intended to be covered by the scheme. 6. If it is not possible physically to restrict the equipment to avoid recording images from those spaces not intended to be covered by the scheme, then operators should be trained in recognizing the privacy implications of such spaces being covered.

Besides of above limitation and notice of outdoor CCTV cameras installation, there are extra notices from technical view for best performance of the CCTV cameras and avoid solarization.

The Security camera works well at day time and solarization occurs at night, Why?

Install CCTV camera notice
How to install CCTV
Cause: The Security camera is installed to close to the wall and cause solarization at night. Adjust the camera to avoid infrared light reflects into lens through the wall.

There is trees in front of the camera and the block of trunk causes solarization at night. So, Adjust the camera to avoid blocking of trees.

Install security CCTV

The CCTV camera is installed to close to the roof and causes solarization at night.

Outdoor security monitor
Where to install CCTV

The CCTV camera is installed to close to the light source such as lantern or bulb. It may cause solarization at night.
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