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Security alarm in intelligent parking lot
Sound and light alarm is needed for intelligent parking lot. It is installed on site and when dangers are found and confirmed, sound and light alarm will be triggered by alarm control panel. Loud sound and strong light will alert people on site. It has two functions:
1.Alarm prompts intelligent parking direction and speed
When the vehicle is driven from the ground to the underground, sudden vision fainting and the downhill section of the road will cause the speed increasing. At this time, if the speed is not well controlled, it will directly hit the wall or pedestrians. So, a sound and light alarm device is needed. The sound and light alarm device is installed at the entrance of the underground parking lot. When a vehicle is entering into the parking lot, the sound and light alarm device will sense the vehicle and immediately send out the sound and light alarm to prompt the driver to pay attention to the direction and slow down, and also remind the nearby personnel to avoid the vehicle.
Sound and light alarm device adopts microwave induction technology, it can sense any moving object within the range of 8 meters, and the induction is very accurate, and the linkage of the speaker and the alarm light, issued a visual and auditory double alarm prompt, can completely play a safety warning, and effective voice reminder. The alarm voice content can also be repeatedly modified, the sound size can be adjusted at will, the use of more user-friendly.
2.Fire detector alarm system
Because of the different environment, the fire alarm system of underground parking lot is quite different from that of above ground building. Usually the air quality in civil buildings on the ground is better and can be well ventilated. The underground parking lot space is large, the natural ventilation condition is poor, and there is no sunshine all the year round, the air is humid and dusty. All kinds of pipelines have to gather here, the space is crowded, when the car starts running, there is a large vibration, each system will also produce mutual interference, so that the fire alarm system has been running in a strong electromagnetic interference and other adverse environment.
Fire detectors in most above-ground civil buildings are installed on the ceiling, whose height is usually lower than 6m. The space volume of general buildings is not too large. When a fire is about to happen, the smoke can be easily sensed by the detector. However, in large space such as underground parking lot, the smoke or temperature generated by fire will spread slower in large space, which makes the detection lag and the fire alarm cannot be sent out in the first time. There are two main problems in the application of current fire detection technology in large space such as underground parking lot.
1.In a large space, the diffusion and rise of fire smoke will be diluted by space, and its temperature and concentration will be greatly reduced. Therefore, it is difficult to achieve the sensitivity of the detector, and early fire alarm cannot be realized.
2.Under the interference of electromagnetic interference, light interference, vibration, water vapor, dust and other bad environmental conditions, the fire detector is difficult to work normally, often there will be no alarm or false alarm phenomenon.
Therefore, such large space buildings as underground parking lots need more advanced fire detection technology. Dual-band infrared flame detectors are common.
Fire detector is the eyes of automatic fire alarm system, it will detect the fire signal in the early stage of the fire, and quickly send the signal to the alarm controller, triggers alarm signal, so that people know the occurrence of fire in the first time.
Early detection of fire is the key to fire control. Commonly used detector types are: temperature, smoke, photosensitive (ultraviolet, infrared), flammable gas and other 4 categories. Because the large space building such as underground parking lot is not suitable for the ordinary temperature and smoke detector, the advanced dual-band infrared flame detector is selected.
The principle of the flame detector is to use the flame and background radiation double information correlation sensing technology. When there is a fire, part of the object temperature rises and higher than the environment temperature, that brings to space radiation of infrared energy changes, and the flame and interference produces the characteristics of two different wavelengths of light, two infrared sensors will make different response to them, the internal data processing system can timely operate, analysis and processing on the data collected, it will determine which is the fire signal, which is the interference signal, finally the right information transmitted to the fire alarm controller, so as to greatly improve the reliability of flame detection.
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