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Christmas Home Security Protection cautions
Christmas holiday is coming and travelling season begins. But how to protect the empty home? An empty home is the biggest aim of theft, burglary.

There are many tips of holiday home security such as stopping newspapers, putting lights, TVs on intermittent timers, activating security system, noticing police or neighbors etc.

All the holiday home security tips are right but not enough. If you live in apartment, community security is the essential part of Christmas home security and all time home security protection. There is exterior security equipment such as CCTV, access control device, intruder detection system beams and surveillance on duty security guard. So, community security can mainly guarantee the home security on Christmas holiday. Adding interior security system, the home security is ensured.

But if you live in house, your home is exposed to theft and burglary. On Christmas holiday, your home may be the aim of theft and burglary. So, how to ensure the house security on holiday when you are away?exterior security protection

Alike community security, exterior security is essential part of house security. CCTV security camera is limited for using outdoor in many countries such as UK. The best security equipment for exterior security is solar-powered wireless photoelectric beams sensor. The break beams detector is installed on walls or on driveway, yard, balcony. It consists as a barrier of the house. It makes loud sound and bright light when someone breaks-in the barrier. It alerts the burglary and notices patrol police and neighbors at first time. Then, with alarm communication central connected, it dials home owner phone number and security service centers contact id or police center phone to report the break-in event.

With first time detection and fast response, the crime can be stopped at first time. If it is not convenient to install break-in system of photoelectric beams on wall or yard, driveway, there is another type called infrared grating. The infrared grating is installed on windows with 10 m detection distance. Of course it is installed outdoor as well to protect the entrance windows, garage gate or other pass-way.

So, it is time to reinforce the home security before Christmas holiday. If you need to know the details and know-how, we have all the information including video of installation guideline. For example, FAQ of break beams, program beam system, test infrared beams, video guide installing beam security
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