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Is Burglar Alarm System useless?
A survey of housing safety said burglar alarm system is useless. A good lock and scheduled house lighting is more important for home security. Is that right? Will theft pass a well locked and light house without thinking it is occupied or empty?

How can a burglar alarm system well prevent burglary and stop crime? Actually, there are many functions of burglar alarm system people doesn’t know and doesn’t use. Fox example, the linkage output function. When a burglar alarm system is triggered, it can trigger alarm siren strobe and camera recorder or house lighting. So, not timer lighting but scare lighting will be turned on to drive out the theft.
You may do not need a good lock but you can install a door windows barrier to block the burglary before they come near the entrance. Of course, the sensor can turn on the light indoor or outdoor with linkage function of alarm system.

The linkage function is a simple port built-in for easy connection with any equipment which need to be triggered. For example, the FOCUS security has this function named PGM output. The FOCUS PGM output can be programmed with some event for selection. They are alarm, password change, AC power fault, communication fault, arm, disarm. That means you can select the event to trigger siren strobe or other device. For example, you select AC power fault event, then if the AC power line is cut, it will trigger the device immediately. The selection will be made according to your alarm system installing and environment features.

When a CCTV system is connected as the event following device, the defined security camera will make video record as crime evidence and help finding the criminal.
A professional alarm system can well prevent burglary cause the burglary crime will be noted immediately and be recorded. It does not only scare the theft but also stop the crime by warning the theft with listen-in and intercom function. More over, it records the crime scene and punish the criminal if the crime is not stopped.
How to well use the burglar alarm system? Read the alarm system instruction manual carefully and understand the functions. Then enable and set the functions according to your home security needs.
Of course, planning and making a suitable home security solution is the first step.

You can easy add more sensors detectors to your exist alarm system. For example, solar power wireless infrared beam sensor can be added for perimeter security. Smoke and CO detector can be added for home environment safety. Some special detector such as outdoor curtain PIR is used for balcony, door, windows entrance detection and alert. All products are with tamper resistant function and anti destroy.
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