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Why is electrical fire monitoring system needed
Electrical fire monitoring system refers to the system that can send out alarm signal, control signal and indicate the alarm location when the detected parameters in the protected circuit exceed the alarm setting value. Different from the traditional automatic fire alarm system, the modern intelligent electric fire monitoring system alarms can avoid fire accident cause of its early alarm before fire happens while traditional automatic fire alarm system can alarm when fire happens. So in addition to industrial use, intelligent electrical fire monitoring system is increasingly used in some public places and commercial centers.
What is the difference between electrical fire monitoring system and fire power monitor system? Fire power monitoring system is a 24h monitoring system for fire equipment. It will check the current, voltage and power of the power supply of the firefighting products to find out whether there is a short circuit, over or under voltage or power circuit fault in the power supply. At the same time, it will transmit the fault type to the monitoring room for recording and remind the staff to timely repair the power supply for the firefighting equipment of the alarm system. In this way, it can ensure that the fire fighting equipment will not lose its function due to the power supply problem in the event of a fire accident.
Electrical fire monitoring system consists of electrical fire monitor equipment, residual current transformer, thermal sensor etc. The integral control project for automatic fire alarmsystem may include fire protection equipment power monitor system, fire lighting and exit indication system, fire-proof doors monitor system, gas extinguishing system, large space automatic fire extinguish monitor water cannon system, aspirating smoke detection and alarm system and electrical fire monitor system etc.
With the increase of the number and types of used electrical equipment, electrical fire safety accidents increase year by year. It is necessary to design and install electrical fire monitoring system in the building. Firstly, a reasonable layout design should be made for the fire prevention area within the building, and the scope to be protected and the fire risk level of the protected object should be determined. For example, cables, distribution cabinets, secondary cabinets in vertical shafts, unfinished household boxes, electrical equipment, lighting fixtures and fire emergency equipment, etc. should be listed as protected objects. An electrical fire alarm detection area shall not exceed a fire division. For special protection object, the electrical fire detector shall be installed at the output end of the main switch in the low-voltage outlet circuit of the power distribution room, at the entrance line of the lighting box in the fire prevention area and in the power distribution box of the audience hall, meeting room, multi-function hall, song and dance hall, karaoke hall, nightclub, Internet cafe and other places.
For the objects of primary and secondary protection and the cultural relics and ancient buildings under state primary, secondary and tertiary protection, all power supply circuits and all power distribution boxes shall be equipped with electrical fire detectors.
The alarm signal of the electrical fire monitoring system should be sent to the fire control room or the place where there are personnel on duty 24 hours a day, that is to say, the electrical fire monitoring equipment — the main control panel should be placed in the above place. In this way, when there is an electrical fire fault, on duty personnel can timely deal with, notify the electrician or professional technical personnel to the fault site to eliminate hidden dangers. The electric fire monitoring system can be incorporated into the original automatic fire alarm system.
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