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meian tech wireless motion detector
Wireless motion detector is greatly improved with new technologies adopted.
1. Infrared (PIR) and microwave (MW) combined technology
It can resist environment interference and eliminate false alarm. Microwave technology is with Penetrating feature and can against mask.
2. Microwave Time Division Emission (DMT)
It can resist same wireless device interference. So, maximum 4 pieces same detectors can be installed in the same space.
3. Random Dynamic Time Division Processing (DMF)
It can identify pet activity and body movement and trigger true alarm only.
4. Energy Accumlation logic processing
It helps analyze activity of pet, interference and real intrusion. It increase performance of the motion detector.
5. Ultra-low power consumption
The battery can work for 18months (double technology detector) or 36 months (single technology detector)

What types of detectors are there?
From sensing way, there are active detector and passive detector. Avtive detector will keep sending detection signal all the time. Infrared beam detector is the typical type of active detector. It has transmission terminal and receiving terminal and keeps sending and receiving invisible infrared light. So, the detector works as invisible light wall and block intruders.
Passive detector has types of magnetic switch, glass break detector, shock sensor, motion sensor. Only body movement or sensed activity happens, it catches the signal and analyzes it.

Is active detector installed outdoor and passive detector installed indoor?
Generlly speaking, active detector is installed outdoor. But there are some places such as corner where active beam detector can not cover and passive detector is needed. So, there are many types of outdoor passive detector as well.
Passive detector is installed indoor cause of the indoor protection area is rooms and requires all covered. Passive detector is more effective.

Test detector after installation
Test and adjustment of the detector after installation is necessary. Walk test with "S" route under the passive detector to judge the detection area and adjust the installation angle to best cover the area. Adjust the pulse of sensivity for best performance of the detector.

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