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Division of fire alarm areas
Alarm area is a unit that divides the warning range of automatic fire alarm system according to fire zone or floor. An alarm area includes a plurality of detection areas.

The purpose of dividing the alarm area is to determine the location of the alarm and fire. At the same time, it is convenient to solve the problem of fire control system linkage design.

The alarm area should be divided according to the fire zone or floor. You can also divide several adjacent fire zones or floors that need to be simultaneously linked with fire fighting equipment into an alarm area in case of fire.
One fire display panel should be set up in each alarm area.

When an ALARM AREA consists of more than one floor, a fire display panel should be installed on each floor showing the area display of the floor only.

Fire display panel is used to display fire information in the fire zone of the floor, to facilitate identification and management. Sound and light fire alarms should be set evenly in each alarm area.
An alarm area of a cable tunnel shall consist of a closed length interval. An alarm area shall not exceed 3 contiguous closed length intervals. The alarm area of road tunnel should be determined according to the linkage of smoke exhaust system or fire extinguishing system. And should not exceed 150 meters

The alarm area of the Class A, B and C liquid storage tank area shall consist of one storage tank area. Each external floating roof tank of 50,000 m3 or more shall be separately divided into an alarm area.
The alarm area of the train should be divided by carriage. Each carriage shall be divided into an alarm area.
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