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Home Security anti-theft knowledge and technology
Safely using gas source and electric source is the most important thing for home security to prevent fire. Burglary and robbery is the second danger for home security and it is increasing. People should watch out to avoid such dangers. Below is some tips of anti-theft knowledge.

Close the doors and windows when you are away home. Using anti-theft security gate and lock it for full protection. Do not put the key under gate or in flower pot etc.
Do not put amount of cash or valuables at home. Do not put identification card and bank account book together.
If suspicious person is found around, should report to patrol police and verify their identity.
The security door should be locked from indoor before sleeping. The key should be kept in the vertical position with the keyhole. So that to avoid technology unlocking of the burglary.
Do not put trousers, coat, handbag, wallet near the windows when you are sleeping.
Immediately clean the unidentified symbols on the gate or wall when it is found.
Get help from neighbors and remind each other of suspicious phenomenon. Have them help to watch your home when you are away or on trip.
Take the key with you and do not put it anywhere. Immediately replace the lock when the key is missing.
Record and keep the factory number, clear mark of valuable device such as TV set, PC for future reference if they are stolen.
Do not let preschool children taking keys with them.Home security precaution
Home Security Technology Protection

There are some new technology security devices to monitor home when you are away.

IP camera is the most popular security device for home surveillance. It is easy to install and connect with internet to smart phone. Using app, the home can be monitored when you are on trip or on work.
Complete home security system can detect illegal intrusion and take, send photos. Various alarm detectors such as door contact, PIR infrared motion sensor, smoke senor, gas detector, outdoor photoelectric beams detector etc. can be installed and protect the whole house including interior and exterior part.
The entrance pass-ways should be protected seriously.
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