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What features does solar wireless beam have?

1. Solar wireless beam requires no wiring at all. It doesn't need battery changes at all.
2. Solar wireless beam has long protection distance up to 300-500 feet. And the radio can send to 500 feet far of receiver at home.
3. Solar wireless beam is unlike a motion detector. It prevents false alarm caused by wind, pet, sunshine.

Where can solar wireless beam be used?

Solar wireless beam can be used for protection of farm, property, house, pool, garage, parking lot. It can keep moose, raccoons out of rural property, pool, farm. It can be set up for front yard door, back yard door, fence.

Is it easy to install the solar wireless beam?

Yes. We provide detailed installation manual and video guidance at technical support alarm forum at The beam sensor should be mounted properly to avoid non-working or false alarm from wildlife. There are some details need attention. 1. Both transmitter and receiver beam should be fixed on bracket and on wall horizontally and on the same level. There is horizontal tube on each terminal to check this. And there is fine-tuning screws to adjust it. 2. The transmitter and receiver beam should be calibrated accurately. Through the calibration hole on both terminal beams, we can check this. And on the receiver terminal beam, there is LCD calibrator to show the accuracy.

Where can I buy the solar wireless beam?

The solar beam and additional alarm receiver, siren strobe, wireless repeater, indoor solar PIR etc. can be shopped at alarm store at
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