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Program Beam sensor before installing
Photoelectric infrared beam is ideal security equipment installed for outdoor intrusion alert. It is always installed in courtyard, balcony, farm, garage gate etc. Solar power wireless beam system
After receiving the device, perform the following steps in the office.
1.Power on the beams.
Place the beams on the desk with the back facing up. Press the white switch button on the back of the transmitting terminal and receiving terminal for 3-10 times continuously. If the indicator light is on and accompanied by the “drip drip” sound prompt, the beam is powered on. Both transmitting and receiving terminals need to be powered on. (Normally click 3 times)
2.Align the receiving terminal and transmitter terminal (as shown in the picture below with the back up) on the desk, observe the indicator light on the receiving terminal, if it blinks until it goes out, it means that the pairing between the transmitting terminal is normal. (If there are multiple pairs of beams, prepare them according to steps 1 and 2 and place them on the desk one by one)
3.Alarm test: block three infrared holes with a thick object, and the receiver indicator lights on, that means the alarm is OK.
4.Program the alarm host and enroll the beam sensor to the host. After test ok, you can install the beam sensor at the protection area.
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