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General Operation of Fire Alarm Control System
General Operation of Fire Alarm Control System
1)The composition of automatic fire alarm control system
A fire alarm control system is composed of a smoke detector, temperature detector, manual alarm button, fire hydrant pump start button, acoustic buzzer, fire pump, exhaust fan, exhaust valve, fire call out telephone device.
2)Basic operation of the system
Boot up: Firstly turn on the system “air switch” for supply of AC220/AC110 power. Then turn on master power switch and backup battery switch. After 2 minutes, turn on alarm host working switch (for some models), the system will enter into self-inspection process.
Mute or Silence: When there is fire or fault alarm, the fire alarm control panel will sound. Press “mute” or “silence” key on the panel, the mute or silence indicator will be lit on and sound terminates. If press the “Mute” or “Silence” key again or a new alarm occurs, the mute or silence indicator will be lit off and sound again.
Reset: Press “reset” key, alarm information, system fault information and display information will be cleared.
Manual: At fire alarm control panel manual status, the external linkage equipment can be started and stop controlled manually.
Automatic: At fire alarm control panel automatic status, the external linkage equipment can be started and stop as pre-set.
3)General treatment of fire alarm control system emergencies
Fire Alarm: When fire alarm is triggered, please press “Mute” key and check whether or not real fire occurs according to the displayed alarm address. If there is real fire and fire is small, please extinguish the fire by fire extinguisher etc. If the fire is big, please call fire department and start fire alarm control panel linkage equipment to extinguish the fire and trigger siren strobe to note people in the building. All people in the building should be clearly noted via broadcast, sounder and evacuated as soon as possible. The fire alarm position smoke exhaust air valve, exhaust fan should be turned on immediately to exhaust the toxic gas caused by fire.
False alarm: If false alarm is caused by detector, the detector should be temporary isolated from the system. Heavy dust or environment change may cause the false alarm of detector. After the detector is cleaned or repaired, the circuit should be resumed monitoring by the fire alarm control panel.
Fault Processing: When equipment fault is displayed on alarm control panel, firstly please test the voltage of bus-line terminals (the normal range is 18~22V), then test power terminal voltage (the normal rate is 24V). If the both voltage is right, then temporary isolate the fault equipment and inspect the equipment according to manual. Release the equipment after repair.
The fire alarm security system is precision electronic products and require trained staff to operate it.
The duty officer should do well the duty record and the system operation record.
The personnel on duty should check and test the function of the system regularly to ensure the normal operation of the system.
The duty officer should timely contact with the relevant maintenance personnel to repair when problem is found, so as to avoid magnifying the problem.
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