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Notice for wiring FC-7448 bus-line alarm system
FC-7448 bus-line alarm system is meian tech FOCUS brand large business security, community security, commercial security system. It adopts new technology PC and security communication method. It is popularly used by security service. There are many optional accessories for system expansion. They are telephone line monitor module, RS232 interface module and micro- printer, monitored circuit input module, bus-type detectors. Below is the notice and guide to help wiring FC-7448 bus-line alarm system.
It is best to wire all modules and detectors to alarm control panel with one bus-line cable. If it is not available, then it is best to have branch line longer than 300m. The wiring cable should keep distance from strong interference cables such as 220V AC power cable and fluorescent lamp etc. and avoid to wire in parallel with them.
If the wiring cable length is more than 1.5km,then FC-7425 bus-line separator is needed. One FC-7425 can extend as long as 1.5km (RVV2*1.5mm cable is used). If more than one FC-7425 is used, then the extended distance depends on the cable used and the performance environment.
Power supply: Generally centralized power supply is used, that is all devices or some nearest devices share a power supply. All devices should have enough working power supply, if not, then additional power supply device is needed. When multiple power supply devices are working together, then connect the ground of all the power supplies together and connect to the black end of alarm panel. Each power supply device positive terminal connects to its supplied devices.
Connect all the wires’shield together and connect to power ground with one end only(no multiple ground).
Connect all modules to bus-line. The module address DIP switch is binary, and any two module addresses can not be the same. Connect detectors to modules.
After complete all wiring works, check the wiring of all the devices in turn to see if there is missed and misplaced wiring. Use multiple-meter to check whether or not there is short-circuit between all wiring.
Ensure all wiring are correct and turn on the power. If there are multiple power supplies, remember to turn on alarm panel power supply at last.
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