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Garden solar alarm lamp
Solar powered photoelectric beam sensor with solar lamp makes up new product – Solar alarm lamp. The solar alarm lamp can be used for courtyard, garden, golf course, villa house, swimming pool.
At night, the LED lamp will light up the garden, golf course etc. At daytime, it lights off automatically. Meanwhile, the built-in intrusion detection photoelectric beams keep creating an invisible light wall to block invasion all the time. Unmanned Small Aircraft intrusion will be detected as well. What will it do after intrusion is detected? The wireless alarm receiver control panel (another product of the security system connected to the sensor) will make sound and flash alarm and send alarm message via phone call, SMS text, app pop up notification. You can preset police center phone number for emergency call if you are allowed. The alarm message and security system arm/disarm status will be recorded on app.
How does it look like? The two parts are as below.
There are two types solar alarm lamp. one is single direction alarm lamp, another is double directions alarm lamp. What is the difference? Single direction alarm lamp creates one way invisible light wall only. For one pair beam sensor, invisible light wall only created between transmitter and receiver terminals. But with double directions alarm lamp, extended opposite invisible light wall is created as well. See working effect as below pictures.
How to install the garden alarm lamp? From below picture, we can know the solar alarm lamp consists of 3 parts, lamp, pedestal, pole with beams. So, you just need to put these three parts together according to manual. What is the limitation for the solar alarm lamp? The maximum trigger alarm times is 200 in 24 hours. The service life (for battery) is 5-8 years. The infrared detection distance(installing distance between transmitter terminal and receiver terminal) is 50m. The wireless RF transmission distance is 500-800m. It should be used with same brand wireless alarm control panel for alarm information report and system inspection status report.
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