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Fire alarm system troubleshooting
Fire alarm is a kind of equipment that gives an alarm in the early stage of a fire. Installing fire alarms can greatly reduce the destructiveness of fires and reduce property damage. However, fire alarms will inevitably break down in the process of use.
1. After the fire alarm is triggered, the alarm bell and the sound & light alarm do not work
Troubleshooting process:
A. Please check whether the indicator light on the panel is lit.
B. Whether there is fault information of the alarm or the acousto-optic alarm on the panel.
C. Whether there is 24V power supply on the scene of alarm or audible and visual alarm.
D. Whether the control module type of the alarm is set as remote or acoustooptic alarm.
E. Whether there is an alarm/acousto-optic alarm output in the linkage setting.

2. After fire alarm, there is equipment action requested, but the on-site equipment did not start
The equipment needs feedback signal from the control monitoring class module to start.
Troubleshooting process:
A. The automatic state is not selected in the state of the equipment. So it cannot be controlled by the module and fails to start.
B. The feedback signal line of the equipment has fallen off.

3. A loop that repeatedly reports a failure or feedback and then automatically disappears
It may be that there is higher interference on the loop line. Generally, the circuit signal line is not well insulated to the ground, so a multimeter can be used to measure the circuit resistance forward and backward

4. When a loop alarms, the linkage device can only be joint acted once, and then the fire alarm or feedback can't be reported any more
There is a short circuit between the circuit of the detector/module and the output of the control module. When the module does not operate, the circuit seems to operate normally. Once the module operates, the circuit will be affected.

5. The alarm panel reports both main and standby electrical faults
Troubleshooting process:
A. Check whether the power feedback cable of the host machine is well connected.
B. Check whether the type of power feedback in the "power setting" menu of the host is consistent with the power used.
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