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Security industry development stages
Security exists in all aspects of human life, what is security? Security means being prepared and protected against attack or injury.
It is the instinct and duty of man to keep himself, his family and his family safe. From the original fence, guard dog to the development of security protection alarm system, people are constantly looking for the best means of self-defense.
Security products and solutions have also gone through four stages of development.
1. Analog monitoring stage.
Security monitoring systems are early used in some important and special units and departments.The monitoring system consists of an analog camera at the front end, a matrix at the back end, a tape recorder and a CRT TV wall.In addition, the analog monitoring system can only transmit one video signal on one coaxial cable, so the image quality is poor in the long time delay video recording, which is not conducive to retrieval.
2. Digital security
With the development of the security industry, the security monitoring systems applications developed from a small part of the initial department to important units such as finance and military industry, and the monitoring scale is constantly expanding.In the digital security stage, the software application of video monitoring management platform is more and more extensive, and IP monitoring is emerging.
3. Network security
After nearly ten years of development, the security field has been further expanded to education, transportation, commerce and other fields, among which the intelligent building field has become a large application market, with the total market volume reaching hundreds of billions of yuan.With the maturity of technology, application requirements such as license plate recognition, face recognition and accident analysis will be effectively solved.
4. Intelligent security
Nowadays, security system has become more than a simple video surveillance system. With the popularization of VARIOUS technologies such as 4K, the video definition is constantly improved, and the security industry has entered an intelligent era.Intelligent security monitoring USES facial recognition, behavioral feature recognition and other image-based technologies to analyze video structure.The realization of data storage, intelligent analysis of the management platform.
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