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Fire alarm system input module
The input module, also known as the monitoring module, is used to receive the action signal of the monitored device and can be connected to the monitored device with normally open or normally closed signal output.

The input module adds an address code to the action signal of the monitored device, and transmits it to the fire alarm controller through the signal bus to issue an alarm signal or linkage trigger signal.

The input module can be equipped with all kinds of equipment that need feedback signals on the site, such as water flow indicator, pressure switch, signal valve control cabinet, and all kinds of external linkage equipment that can provide switch signals.

In the automatic sprinkler system, when the water flow indicator, signal valve, pressure switch and other equipment are started, the normally open contact switch is closed, and the input module sends an alarm signal to the fire alarm controller, indicating the alarm area or alarm location.

The input end of the input module has the function of checking the line, which can be set as normally closed line checking or normally open line checking on site.

When there is disconnection, the input module will feedback the fault signal to the fire alarm control panel.
Each module occupies an address point. Address can be set by controller or encoder. A dual input module is a combination of two input modules occupying two address points.

In addition to monitoring field equipment, the input module can also be connected to non-coded fire detectors.

The non-coded fire detector is a fire detector that provides switching signal and can be connected to the coded fire alarm system through the input module.

Linear beam smoke fire detector, linear temperature fire detector, point-type infrared or ultraviolet flame detector, inspiratory smoke fire detector and various explosion-proof detectors are usually non-coded fire detectors, which need to be connected to the coded fire alarm system through the input module.
The input module of the non-coded fire detector needs to be connected to the fire power supply. Usually, there is a separate model to distinguish the input module of the equipment signal and facilitate the identification of the system.

This type of input module is also called relay module.

There are also some special types of input modules, such as the analog input module to receive the current or voltage signal, and the special input module to be connected with the anti-theft detector.

The purpose of these modules is basically the same, is to connect the signal of external equipment to the fire alarm system.
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