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Explosion proof Fire Alarm Gas Detector Sounder Beacon
Explosion proof products are required to be used in oil field, chemical industry factory, metallurgical industry environment. Harmful gas detector, sounder, siren strobe, beacon, fire alarm systems are used for these fields with explosion proof requirement. That is because there is explosive mixture in these environment.
There are three types explosion proof products: intrinsically safe type, flameproof type, increased safety types.
Explosion Proof zones:
zone 0: Under normal circumstances, explosive gas mixture exists continuously or for a long time.
zone 1: Potentially explosive gas mixtures may exist under normal conditions
zone 2: Under normal circumstances explosive gas mixtures does not exist, only in abnormal situations, explosive gas mixtures
may exist occasionally or in short-time.
zone 10: Under normal circumstances, the mixture of explosive dust or combustible fiber and air may exist continuously, appear frequently or exist for a long time.
zone 11: Explosive dust or mixtures of combustible fibres and air cannot occur, only occur in occasionally or for short periods in unusual circumstances.
explosion proof gas detector, sounder beacon
According to explosion gas species and Minimum detonation spark energy, the gas explosion is divided into 4 grade.
explosion gas species
According to explosion gas temperature, there are 6 groups. Check below of temperature groups and gas species.
explosion gas temperature
Explosion-proof certification mark
According to factory or mine explosion media, the minimum sparking energy, the minimum sparking temperature and explosion gas existing time, there is classification of explosion proof certification mark.
For example: ATEX form, E Ex iaIIC T4, E means Cenlecom certificate mark, Ex means explosion proof, ia means intrinsically safe type and can be installed at zone 0 area. IIC means it can be used at environment where IIC type gas exists. T4 means it meets T4 safety temperature group requirement.
Dust and water proof grade:
Explosion proof products have dust and water proof capacity as well. It is marked as IPXX. For example: IP65 means it has totally dust resistance capacity and can accept low pressure water jet from all angles.
Vedard Security supplies explosion proof sounder, bell and lighting, siren strobe, smoke detector, heat detector, H2S detector explosion proof, beacon explosion proof, HC detector, manual call point explosion proof.
Explosion bell
The explosion proof detectors and alarms can be connected to fire alarm control panel, manual call point. The detectors are installed at chemistry factory, mines.
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