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Solar Wireless PIR Detectors Features
Solar wireless PIR detectors is new generation intrusion detector. It enables DIY home security more easy without wiring and without battery replace in 10 years. Solar power infrared detector is environment friendly electronic security device.
Solar power intrusion detector has solved some issues of traditional PIR detector with innovative technology. For example, this new type detector will not be interfered by same frequency band other wireless device. It will not be interfered by bad weather hot days or code days.
So, solar PIR wireless intrusion detector is easy to use and more reliable for home security and anti-theft. How can it do? What technology is adopted?
1. Solar power technology
Not need to installed outdoor.
This detector is installed indoor and powered by natural light, LED light or other indoor weakness light.
Not need adequate light source and it even can be installed in dark area. It relies on its large capacity batter (10000mA/h) for power supply.
Solar PIR intrusion detector
2. Free false alarm
Strong ability to anti-interference with FSK+FHSS signal transmission technology, wireless distance is more than 500m. When send alarm signal to alarm host, it uses multiple frequency band transmission. If one frequency band be interferenced, it automatically turn to another frequency band and without missing alarm or false alarm.
Industrial and military material is made of the intrusion detector. It has automatically environment-analysis technology to sense temperature and change sensitivity.
Pet identification and CPU analysis enables the pet immunity of this new burglary proof motion sensor.
Where is it installed?
Different types motion sensors
Solar wireless curtain PIR is installed on wall or ceiling to detect intrusion from windows, balcony, gate.
Solar wireless ceiling PIR is installed in bedroom, child room, guest room to detect motion in rooms.
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