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What to do with Fire alarm and How to recover alarm devices
Part1. What to do with fire alarm? When fire alarm is reported, keep calm and have someone check the alarm spot immediately. If fire is confirmed and still at start stage, use the fire extinguisher to extinguish fire immediately. If the fire has spread and hard to extinguish, People should be be organized immediately to evacuate away from the fire disaster area.Call fire police and trigger fire automatic fighting system.
Part2. Recover fire alarm devices after fire extinguishing.
1.Recover smoke detector: If the fire alarm is triggered by smoke detector, the smoke detector should be recovered after fire is extinguished. Remove the alarmed smoke detector, clean it and re-install it. Then click “reset” key on the alarm control panel and the fire alarm system will continue working.
2.Recover manual call point: If the fire alarm is triggered by manual call point, then use the call point key to reset it. Click “ reset” key on the alarm control panel and the fire alarm system will continue working.
3.Reset electric cutting switch. When fire alarm is triggered, the fire alarm system will automatically cut off non-fire power. So, after fire is extinguished, click “reset” key on fire control panel, then put the power switch off, again put the power switch on. The electric power will work as normal.
Fire alarm system is professional security equipment and should be operated by professionals. Fire security alarm system guidance, trainning or fire regulations are available at vedardalarm.
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