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Building Fire Security System
Is the fire security system well used? Is the low battery smoke detector noted? Is the fire security system well maintenced? If the answer is no, then the building is under risk of no prevention and protection from fire.

We know the fire security system can largely help preventing fire spreading and decrease the damage from fire. But the well maintenced and working fire security system is the promise.

How can the fire security system be maintenced well without any fault? If there are so many smoke, heat detectors, siren strobe, manual call point and other fire alarm accessories, how can we know everyone of them is working well?

There are three types fire alarm control panel and fire alarm systems. They are local alarm system, remote alarm system and control center alarm system. Control center alarm system is here we called integrated control system. The control center alarm panel may link with several sub-linkage separated working fire alarm system and fire control system. From the control center alarm panel, every sensors, sub-linkage fire alarm systems, fire extinguishing system is monitored and controlled.
There are 12 types sub-linkage fire security systems can be linked into a control center alarm panel for a commercial building fire security.

Fire Detection and Automation alarm system. It is local fire alarm system consists of alarm panel and all detectors, manual call points and siren strobes. It sends signal to control center alarm panel and receives signal from the panel.
Gas extingushing system. It is controlled by control center alarm panel to activate the gas to extinguish fire.
Alarm and monitoring system for electric fire protection. Residual current detection device is installed in the electric power supply box. When the residual current is lower than rated current, it will make alarm and cut off the electric power supply. It is part of the fire monitoring system linkaged with control center alarm panel.
Smoke exhausting system. When fire alarm is triggered, smoke and heat is detected to reach to rated volume, the control center alarm panel witll activate the smoke exhausting system to exhaust smoke and save lifes.
Combustible gas detection and alarm system
Fire curtain door control system. When fire is detected and the smoke heat detectors installed above fire curtain door triggers alarm, the fire curtain door will be pull down for a half firstly, after higher volumn of smoke and heat is detected, it will be fully pulled down.
Fire pump. The fire pump is linked with center alarm panel and when fire alarm is triggered, the alarm panel will activate the fire pump and receive the water flow meter signal.
Fire emergency lighting and fire evacuation system. The center panel will cut off electric power supply when fire alarm is received. Then it activates fire emergency lighting and fire evacuation system to help people evacuation from fire.
Fire broad casting. The system activates fire notice and guide to instruct people evacuation.
Fire-proof door monitoring system. It monitors the door open status at normal days and when fire alarm happened and smoke heat volume reach to rate, it activates the door to close. So, the fire can be blocked without spreading.
Fire device power supply monitoring system.
Fire telephone system. It is used to communicate with each department and security guard. So, when fire happened, it can used to quickly instruct fire extinguishing.
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