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How would you like to manage home security
Home and business security solutions are varied. No one size security solution can fit all security needs.
The security solution is made depending on your requirement and how you will manage your home security.
How would you like to manage your home or business security? That means what way would you like to monitor your home and business.
The two solutions are with video surveillance monitor or voice / text dialing out monitor. Or maybe just on-spot alert is ok for you.
So, you will choose your alarm control panel with the network PSTN or PSTN with GSM or with Video linkage.
And you will choose wireless keypad installed in bedroom. It can check the alarm status, make panic alarm, receive alarm events.
What areas are you going to protect? The home / business security involves multiple deterrents. These deterrents are used at different places.
The two maijor places are indoor place and outdoor place. The popular indoor detectors are door magnetic switch contact and motion sensor.
Solar powered beams sensor is popular for outdoor security.
How to prevent home / business fire? You may need to equip smoke detector, gas sensor and even solenoid valve.
How would you like to be warned when alarm? The siren strobe is the alarm signal warning device. You may need to install it in the yard, the stairwell.
So, before shopping the security systems, the above questions should be answered.
Security solutions are customized.
Hope you find or DIY your cheap, effective and most sutible home / Business Security Solution for your home safe.
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