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Perimeter security solution
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Infrared beam grating and outdoor surveillance camera are two kinds of equipment commonly used for outdoor burglar alarm. But both devices have drawbacks when used alone. Infrared beam grating can reliably detect invasion, but the outdoor environment is complex, so in the actual work, sunlight, snow etc. may affected it and cause false alarm. On the other hand, the alarm signal will be sent to alarm panel and then sent to app or mobile short message. But no picture showed for evidence.
CCTV camera can provide picture evidence of the intrusion. But false alarm will be caused by environment interference. The biggest problem with surveillance cameras is poor quality images. Upgrade products such as thermal imaging camera and starlight camera can effectively improve image quality. The integrated motion sensor and alarm camera has added the functions of mobile monitoring and alarm and two-way voice intercom. It greatly enhanced the camera in time automatic alarm function. However, infrared movement detection is generally adopted, and the false positive rate is high. Privacy laws also limit where outdoor cameras can be installed.
Therefore, the ideal outdoor safety prevention perimeter security solution is the combination of infrared beam grating and surveillance camera alarm. The use of solar power systems and large rechargeable batteries makes the installation of infrared beam gratings and outdoor cameras easy. WiFi or 4G network communication eliminates the tedious wiring of wired connections. The combination of solar wireless grating and solar surveillance cameras ensures that outdoor intrusions are prevented in time. Solar energy beam and camera monitoring system is widely used in villas, gardens, orchards, fish ponds, communication bases, substations and other security protection. Both solar beam and camera are designed for outdoor use with IP66 and IP67 waterproof design. The system has the function of self – check, prevent power – off, movement, disassembly and other malicious damage. Any faults will be automatically reported to the system app. Solar beam and camera monitoring products work at -30°~+70° and are not affected by rain or snow in extreme weather.
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