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Home Fire Prevention in Summer
Summer is the peak season of home fire. For security of property and life, there are some tips for home fire precaution.
1. House appliances can easily lead to fire at long time or overload working status.
House appliances should be put at the place of moisture proof, sunshine proof, ventilation and without flammable and explosive materials around. All kinds of sockets should be far away from fire. The power-plug should be unplug when it is not in use. Power switch and wire should be regularly checked and maintained to avoid burning of house appliance.
2. Liquefied petroleum gas stove should be maintained regularly. It is better to used combustible gas detector in kitchen or where gas stove is used. Broken gas pipe should be replaced or repaired immediately. Gas supply should be promptly cut off when it is not in use. All liquefied gas stove should be closed when it is not in use or no one home. No flammable or combustible materials near the gas stove.
3.Gasoline, paint, perfumes, mousse, lighters etc. should be properly kept and placed. Do not put them in place with direct sunlight. Do not place flammable objects such as lighters in the car.
4.Do not smoke in bed. The cigarette butts should be taken off. The cigarette butts can not be thrown out or downstairs. It should be put in ashtray.
5.Please keep all fire exits clear without blocking of objects. Do not burn objects in open area but in metal pail or other retardant container with cover.
6.Do not damage or divert fire equipment and fire facilities.
7.Additional electrical wiring should comply with electric safety regulations. Electrical material should be flame retardant if it is necessary.
8.Tips of escape from fire:
Down to the floor and crawl out.
Go out of the room firstly.
Go down the stairs.
Do not take the elevator.
Try to expose yourself as soon as possible and ask for help
Against the wall and window waiting help if not available to escape
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