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Security System and Smart Home
The difference of security System and smart home:
Smart home is the efficient residential facilities and home affairs agenda management system.
It adopts security technology, automatic control technology, audio and video technology to integrate facilities relating to home life.
The smart home system can enhance home safety, convenience, comfort, artistry, and to achieve eco-friendly living environment.
Security System is dangers precaution system and protection system. It helps people for ready to cope with attack or avoid victimization.
So, it can enable protected object at security state without dangers and invasion.
Security System is important part of smart home system. The system requires alarm immediately in a arising of variety of emergency situations.
And it is the basic requirement of intelligent smart home system for providing safety and comfort living environment.
The development of security system and smart home system:
Smart home system manufacturers are focusing on the development of smart appliance such as TV set, air conditioners,
drinking fountains, sweeping robots and other devices connecting via a network with a smart phone.
The development requires remote control and easy integration of each products.
So, the products network is open and linked and it requires higher secure of the system. Not only hardware of the security system, but also communication protocol, application software requires higher secure.
What security devices are necessary for smart home systems?
The security protection of entry and exit part is necessary. The detection of fire, gas, smoke and water leakage is necessary.
Security System for smart home
Smart Home Security System

So, there are some necessary security system.
1. Smart Lock: Door entry is the most important home entrance. Smart Lock solved the problem of unlock way and security. It uses ID card, IC card, mobile app, fingerprint etc. new ways to unlock the door. Moreover, it report and record lock and unlock status, and it can capture and record picture.
2. Door Switch and Window Switch: Door and window switches are in charge of entrance security protection as well. But they are activate detector and can make alarm on-spot with siren strobe and send door close and open status.
3. Infrared Detectors: The infrared detectors can sense abnormal movement at defined protected area. It sends alarm event of abnormal movement detected to user and makes on-spot sounder and lighter warning.
4. Security Camera: Security Camera is video device of the security system. It is connected to TCP/IP network and can be used to monitor home anywhere anytime.
The -d security IP camera is with function of self patrol, two way audio communication, multiple user sharing and high definition with infrared LED night vision.
5. Smoke Detector: Smoke detector is one of environment security sensor. There are many types of integrated smoke detector for smart home security system now.
For example, the integrated smoke detector can sense humidity, temperature, sunshine etc. of environment as well. The smoke detector can be with PIR to sense invasion motion as well.
6. Gas detector: Combustible gas detector is generally installed in kitchen room. It is used to detect flammable gas leakage. It can trigger solenoid valve and shut off gas source when gas leakage is sensed. It makes sound and light alarm and send alarm event to user.
7. Water leakage detector: It is installed at some places of home where water leakage may lead to electric leakage or objects spoiled.
8. Smart power Socket: It is used as connection of power source and electric appliance. It can be controlled remotelly by smart phone app or security system.
It can be programmed to supply power when electric device is pluged. So, it largely enhances the electric device security.
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