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Exterior Security Protection
Besides of door, wall, fence of property intrusion boundary, the outer perimeter should be added into property security plans. Outdoor perimeter intrusion specialists have done much work to improve perimeter security equipment. Nowadays, advanced technology and low cost outdoor environment monitor security intrusion device is available. Security integrators and some professional DIY home security owners have added building perimeter security as a part of their home and business protection systems. Outer perimeter is the first layer of security. It is the boundary of the building befor intrusion can reach the building. The outer perimeter security equipment can early detect possible potential treat and stop it.

Solar Powered Wireless Beams

Solar powered wireless communication beam has taken place of tranditional hardwire beam systems. The features of solar power supply and wireless communication lets every security installers, security integrators, and much home owners available to add it to exterior entrance and exits protection of perimeter security. The beams apply a virtual fence around a perimeter. It is suitable for large space lands such as stock, garden, business park, driveway. Solar beams do not need sophistical programming. Moreover, it is with ability to immue environment interference including blowing leaves, stirring animals and other non-event scenarios. Wireless Solar beams consist of transmitter termial and receiver terminal and there is continuous laser beams betteen them. When the invisible light wall is broken, the detector will report intrusion alarm and make sound and light warning alarm signal on-spot.


Video Analytics and thermal imaging are used for ceitain application such as guard monitored building and sites. Video analytics system is used to track suspicious human being and vehicles entering into boundary. Video analytics works with surveillance monitor system and on-spot security service guard.


The earlier possible potentional treat is detected and reacted, the safer our lives are. Especially for large space, the bigger size the more needs of perimeter monitoring. Solar beams triggered alarm signal lighting and sound to scare burglary and intruders. Solar beams report alarm message to security service center and dial preset phone numbers to report alarm. Security service center can receive alarm report of intrusion address, time and send security guard person to check. Homeowners can dial police center for protection. Solar beams can link to security camera and take evidence picture.
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