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Gas fire extinguishing controller
The gas fire extinguishing controller is specially used in the gas automatic fire extinguishing system, including automatic detection, automatic alarm and automatic fire extinguishing.The gas fire extinguishing controller can be connected with smoke and temperature fire detectors, emergency start and stop buttons, manual automatic switch, gas spraying indicators, sound and light alarms and other equipment.The gas extinguishing controller also provides an interface to drive the solenoid valve for starting the gas extinguishing equipment.
The control method:
1. Manual control: Set the control mode selection button on the gas fire control controller to the "manual" position, and the fire extinguishing system will be under manual control. When a fire occurs in the reserve, press the emergency start and stop button or the start button on the controller to start the fire extinguishing system and release the fire extinguishing agent according to the specified procedure.In automatic control state, electric manual control can still be realized.
2. Automatic control:The gas fire extinguishing controller control mode selection button and set to "automatic" position, the automatic control of the fire extinguishing systems, when a fire occurs in reserve, fire detector signal fire, fire alarm controller which sends out sound and light alarm signal, at the same time issued a joint directive, close the interlocking device, after a period of delay time, a fire extinguishing instruction,Open the solenoid valve to release the starting gas. The starting gas opens the corresponding selection valve and container valve (bottle valve) through the starting pipeline to release the extinguishing agent and put out the fire.
3. mechanical emergency manual operation:When a fire occurs in reserve, could not make fire extinguishing controller instructions, shall inform relevant personnel to evacuate the scene, close linkage device, and then pull out corresponding start bottle group start valve manually insurance card, press down the handle to open the start valve, release of gas, can open the selector valve, container valve (bottle of head valve), release agent, the implementation of the fire fighting.So when meets the start valve repair or start to start the gas in the cylinder pressure is not enough they can't work, then should first open the corresponding fire area of selector valve handle, open arms, open the valve, and then open the container valve of the region of the bottle of head valve manually handle open container valve head valve (bottle), release agent, implement the fire.
Emergency stop
When abnormal conditions are found within the delay time and the fire extinguishing system does not need to be started, the manual control box or the emergency stop button of the gas fire extinguishing controller can be pressed to prevent the fire extinguishing instruction of the controller from being issued.
The gas fire extinguishing controller can also be networked with the fire alarm controller for remote control.
Gas fire extinguishing can be used to protect the fire of the following substances:
1. Electrical and electronic equipment fire;
2. Burning liquid and melting solid fire;
3. Solid surface fire;
4. Gas fire that can cut off the gas source before extinguishing the fire.
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