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How to escape from bus fire
Bus fire always happens cause of electric wire fault or mechanical fault. Most people died on bus fire. According to the BBC, at about 10.30 am local time on January 18, 52 people killed in Kazakhstan bus fire. Similar news is commonplace. How to escape from bus fire? There are some tips we should know to help saving life on bus fire.

Find escaping pass-ways
Escape from windows. Using safety hammer to break the windows glass. Hit the 4 corners of the glass and not central location. Push out the glass after breaking and escape quickly.

Escape from dormer. There is emergency escape exit on top of the bus. Turn the red switch on the dormer and open the dormer. But only small size people can go through.

Escape from bus door. There is safety valve both indoor and outdoor of the bus. Turn on the valve and cut off the gas, and the bus door can be open. It is the best way to escape from bus fire. But cause of the fault of bus electric component, the bus door may not be opened.

2. How to escape from bus fire? The tips to save life from fire at emergency situation.

Cover your nose and mouth with a wet towel to prevent the fumes from being absorbed into the body. Escape quickly.

Lower your body and climb out quickly or run out quickly.

Hold your breath at short time. Do not shout or cry!

Stop running if there is fire on your clothing! Take off the burning clothing or lie down and roll over to extinguish the fire. If you find fire on other person’s clothing, you can take off your clothing to cover the fire to extinguish it.

Escape from fire in order. Elders and children first. Keep calm and escape from emergency exit pass-ways in order. The escaped people should assist driver helping others from outdoor of the bus.Help others escaping from bus fire.

In conclusion: There are 3 emergency pass-ways to escape from fire on bus. Windows, doors and dormer. People should keep calm and escape quickly in order. Disaster is a sudden event. We don’t know when it may occur and cause great damage or loss of life. So, we should get knowledge and experience. Then we can save life and reduce the damage when the disaster occurs.
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