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Correct wiring Smoke Alarms for Fire Alarm systems
The professional conventional 2 wire smoke detector manual guides to connect multiple detectors one by one in series, then connect to conventional fire alarm control panel.
Some customer may ask “if I have 10 detectors at the same place can I connect them parallel? That means all detectors’ number 4 with zone + and all number 2 with zone -” That way seems more easy to wire.
Having the detectors wiring in series is for detecting fault or missing of some detector. When they are connected in series, it will report zone fault when some detector is missing or fault. So, the wiring way help to find and report detector error.
Wiring smoke alarms correctly is not just having the system work properly but also monitoring the system correction.
The fire alarm engineers should be experienced and had better ask suppliers any technical question before any change of installation.
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