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Intrusion detector technology and development
Anti-theft alarm products have been greatly improved.

Alarm control panel has been with features of multiple communication networks, digital communication, app operation, easy setting up etc. Intrusion detectors technology improved as well. New technology such as laser, ultrasound, microwave and others are adopted for intrusion detectors. But infrared technology is still the base of intrusion detection technology.

Infrared detector is with features of free from ambient light effects, good wind resistance, good anti-vibration characteristics and good performance in the fog, rain, snow and other bad weather conditions. There are active infrared detector and passive infrared detector.

But there are problems with infrared detectors. It may make false alarm with pet moving, wind blowing, cold or hot air convection and clothing shaking etc. Missing alarm will happen for infrared detector with blocking of umbrella or lens spraying.

Combined technology are used for intruder detectors.

For example, infrared technology and microwave technology combined intruder detector is

the popular one. The infrared sensor will not be affected by noise and high frequency which may cause false alarm by microwave sensor. The microwave sensor will not be affected by change of temperature and light which may cause false alarm by infrared sensor. So, it can complete remove false alarm and with high sensitivity.

Solar-powered photoelectric beams is new technology and -d type of traditional wired active infrared beams detector. It largely saves time and labor for installing and maintain the exterior intruder detection security equipment.

Anti-mask, anti-cover and pet immunity technology greatly improves performance of intruder detectors. New technology such as Detector mirror metering function, infrared receiver reflection function and integrated spray detection and other functions are added to the intruder detector technology.

Today, the intruder detector is with features of anti-EMI, anti-white light, status report, self-testing, pet immunity and anti-mask, anti-cover. As a security sensor of the burglar alarm system, the detector can accurately sense illegal intrusion, system breaking and make immediately communication with alarm communicator.

But with development of burglar alarm and other security systems, intruder detector, the essential part of the security sensor will improve itself as well. Digital, integrated, intelligent is the development trend of intruder detector as well as security industry.
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