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Automatic fire alarm system and linkage
The wiring of fire alarm system and fire linkage equipment has two ways, one is the fire alarm loop and fire linkage loop are integrated, that is, in the same loop, there are both fire alarm signal input, but also linked fire facilities action of the output module of the total line system. Second, the two systems are independent. The alarm loop only has the alarm detector and the input module that receives the signal, while the linkage loop is the output module and the manual direct control point, which is the discrete system of the alarm linkage bus. For small-scale systems, the system wiring of the total line is better, wiring is simple, construction difficulty is small, and investment can be saved. However, for the alarm system of large buildings, the system using discrete bus is more reliable, to avoid a fault will cause the alarm and linkage bus to be isolated together, and a large number of equipment can not start in the accident.
What kinds of modules are there in the fire alarm system? What function does each have? Fire alarm module is also called control module: through which it controls the field equipment, but does not receive feedback signals, that is, the output module. Input and output: control field equipment and receive its feedback signal. Input module: also known as monitoring module, only receive feedback signal, play a monitoring role.
What are the points for a fire alarm system? How to calculate points for access devices? The points of the fire alarm system refer to the capacity that the fire host can accept alarm and linkage equipment. To ensure smooth system running and expansion, the actual number of devices must be smaller than the host capacity.
1.The number of points of the automatic alarm system device includes: the addressable the smoke detectors, the addressable heat detectors and other detectors, the addressable manual alarm buttons, the number of the addressable module with multiple probes.
2.The coded smoke detector can be directly connected to the fire alarm system, while the non-coded smoke detector cannot be directly connected to the automatic fire alarm system. It needs to be connected to the system through the module, so the number of non-coded temperature detectors is not counted in the number of points for the debugging of the automatic alarm system, and the number of modules is counted in the number of points.
3.The points of water extinguishing system are calculated according to the points of multi-line system and bus system linkage controller. Including the number of hydrant buttons, water flow indicator, signal butterfly valve, wet alarm and fire pump used by the number of input modules, output modules.
When the fire broadcasting system is used together with the normal broadcasting system or the background music broadcasting system, the output module needs to be added as a switch.
The voltage used by the alarm system is output by the alarm host. The signal line and power line of the 2-bus system are integrated into one to supply power to all detectors and linkage devices. When the distant equipment current is not enough, the external DC 24 volt voltage supply can be used, and the voltage output of the alarm system is DC.
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