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Home Incidents Prevention
Today's social environment and natural environment dangers will affect our home safety. But we may not know what dangers they are and how to prevent. So, there is always accident happening. According to home safety incidents report of first half year 2016, home fire accounted for the largest proportion. The fire department statistic showed 63881 fire incidents and 754 death in the country. Asphyxia burning is the main cause of death from residential fire. It accounted for 68%. Improperly using stove and wiring house appliance is the main reason for residential fire. Intrusion safety incidents accounted for second majority proportion and there is increasing trend. The police center reported about 20000 of intrusion safety incidents. Not only treasure but also electronic appliance, mobile etc. are thieft's aim. When children or elder person at home, robbery happened. When no one is home but at work or holiday, theft happened. Gas explosion and gas poisoning accounted for the third majority proportion. The reported home safety incidents caused by gas explosion and gas poisoning is about 200 but more than 300 death. Without home safety knowledge and not using and managing the gas equipment well is the main reason for gas safety incidents. Can these home safety incidents be prevented? The answer is yes. How can we prevent the safety incidents? Knowing home safety elementary knowledge, rules and executing is the basic precaution. The further step is installing home security systems. The products can be referred at alarm system. We have life once only, how can we not pay more attention on these issues?

Home Fire Incidents Prevention

Home fire incidents can be prevented and stop. The first step is learning home fire safety knowledge and comply with appliance and equipment using rules. For example, house appliances can easily lead to fire at long time or overload working status. House appliances should be put at the place of moisture proof, sunshine proof, ventilation and without flammable and explosive materials around. Read more details of home fire prevention. The second step is installing fire detection alarm device such as smoke alarm, heat alarm. These fire detection kits can detect signs before the fire and notify people. Reaction can be taken to stop the fire and people can escape from the fire. Fire is uncharitable and fire incident may take our lives and all. How can we not be more careful?

Home Intrusion Incidents Prevention

As second largest proportion home safety incidents, home intrusion incidents affect many families. Compare to home fire, home intrusion is more complicated and without clear precaution ways. Excepting for closing doors and windows well, installing home security system seems is the best way to prevent home intrusion. Economic depression and unsafety social environment increases home intrusion crime. Every family may be the victim. So, we have to take action to protect ourselves. The home without security system installed is more possible as victim cause home with security system is harder for their success. The home security kits include door window open alarm, shock alarm, indoor motion sensor and outdoor break detector. You can refer to Vedard security category. Some security kits are designed for DIY home security and easy to install. There are basic type home security and professional type home security. It is better protecting all entrance and exit ways and areas with necessary security sensors.

Gas Safety Incidents Prevention

Properly using gas and managing gas equipment is essential for gas safety incidents prevention. Gas unsafety does not only cause property lossing but also lives lossing. From the report of home gas incidents, we can know it caused the highest incidents' death rate. Gas incident is always caused by gas leakage. But without proper treating, it may cause explosion and poisoning and fire. Then it takes away lives! How can we not take this issue seriously? Besides of taking attention and obeying the rules, installing the detector for notify is ideal prevention way. The gas security equipment can not only detecting gas leakage, but also closing gas source. So, security expert suggest to install this gas security equipment in home kitchen room, small commercial properties etc. This security kit can be refered to Gas detector with Solenoid Valve. Another type gas danger we need to know is CO, i.e. Carbon Monoxide. Carbon Monoxide is odorless and tasteless, colorless and can not be sensed by human. But carbon monoxide is easy produced when using oven or stove heating in winter. So, we need CO detector alarm for safety.
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