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Why choose TCP/IP RJ45 network alarm control panel?
Alarm control panel is the center of the security alarm system. It is responsible for the communication of the whole security alarm system including receiving alarm information, detector missing, low battery alert, alarm zone fault etc. and sending alarm voice call, sms message alarm, app alarm prompt.
There are PSTN alarm panel, GSM/GPRS alarm panel and bus-line alarm panel, TCP/IP RJ45 alarm panel and IP alarm panel. PSTN alarm panel used land-phone line as the transmission media and has the longest history. But it has voice call alarm type only and with delay of transmission. GSM is the second generation of alarm control panel transmission media. It has additional function of SMS, MMS alarm information sending. With development of video alarm integrated security system, More bandwidth and high speed is required for the transmission media. So, TCP/IP RJ45 network is developed for the alarm control panel transmission.
App is very good and convenient for home security alarm system operation, setting and alarm event receiving, home remote monitoring. Without coding, home security alarm system is so easy to DIY. TCP/IP RJ45 network is the mainstream of home security alarm control panel. Maybe in the future 5G network will replace it with more quick speed. At 3G, 4G stage, each country has different protocol and not be compatible.
TCP/IP RJ45 alarm control panel can be used all the world without compatibility problem. Just - the network cable to the alarm panel such as to the computer and it works. Through TCP/IP network, the alarm control panel can be registered on server and setting, operation can be done through the app after download and registered.
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