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Cold Storage needs fire alarm system
Why is fire alarm system needed for cold storage? There are some reasons that cold storage is with fire hazards. The Combustible, flammable material is used for thermal insulation of cold storage. Ammonia is used for refrigeration and it is with leakage hazard and lead to fire and explosion. The electric cable used at extreme cold environment will become brittle of skin and easy lead to short circuit. Air is dry of cold storage and can lead to fast and big fire in short time.

Fire Security Solution
To protect cold storage facility and prevent loss of property, early fire detection and alarm system is very necessary for cold storage. Thermal detector is needed to monitor temperature change and triggers alarm when temperature is raising. So that the frozen material can be protected well and prevent rotting.

But traditional photoelectric smoke detector is not suitable for using at cold storage with temperature lower than 0 Degree Celsius. Line type Reflected Beam Smoke Detectors can be a selection for environment temperature within -10 to 60 Degree Celsius. The fire beam protection system includes a motorized head unit containing an infra-red transmitter and receiver, a ground level controller and prism reflector.

Making use of the prism reflector the returned infra-red beam is analyzed for smoke contamination and registers a fire condition at a pre-determined level. At ground level the controller unit is used to make operational adjustments. The standard protection system covers a range of 5 to 40 meters.

Extremely early inspiration smoke detector is another solution for cold storage fire automation alarm system. It can detect early smoke and trigger alarm. The detector is installed outdoor of cold storage and using sample air tube installed in cold storage to test and analyze cold storage smoke. It can includes automatic gas extinguisher and automatic sprinkler system to stop fire at first time.

Cold storage is popularly used nowadays to store fruits, meats, sea foods and sell to far market then. Its using largely increase d our life comfort. But if we does not take care of its security management, large loss may occur for the property. So, fire department has specified requirement for cold storage fire security. Fire alarm system manufacturers has innovated specified cold storage fire detection system and fire security solution. Security and safety should be keep in mind and hazard can be prevented.
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