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Driveway Alarm System
A driveway alarm is a household reminder. Install an outdoor detector in the driveway or aisle entrance to your house. When the detector detects that a person or vehicle is entering the area, it immediately sends a wireless signal to the indoor receiver, which receives the signal and sends an alarm. Driveway alarms can also be used to protect backyards, garages, farms, etc.
What are the common types of driveway alarm system? Driveway alarm systems come standard with an outdoor wireless detector and an indoor receiver. Indoor receivers are mostly simple reminders with sound. Driveway alarm detectors, however, come in several different types.
1.Passive infrared detector
Passive infrared detector is to detect moving objects with temperature, such as human body, animals, and started vehicles that cross the protection area of the detector will be detected, and then send alarm signal to the receiving host. Conventional passive infrared detectors require frequent battery changes and the false alarm rate is high.
Solar passive infrared detectors use solar energy to charge, without frequent replacement of batteries. By optimizing the detection Angle and intelligent detection analysis technology, the solar passive infrared detector can effectively solve the problem that the passive infrared detector is easy to give false alarm outdoors. Solar passive infrared detectors are easy to install and are popular driveway alarm systems.

2.Metal detector
Metal detectors work by giving an alarm if a metal object is present in the detection area. The metal detector on the driveway alarm is basically divided into two parts, one is a metal detection sensor, generally buried in the underground near the driveway or corridor, the detection range is generally a circle with a radius of 1-3 meters. The other is a wireless signal transmitter, which is connected to a metal detection sensor by a wire. When a metal object is detected, the wireless transmitter sends an alarm signal to the receiving host in the room.But metal detectors only detect vehicles. Metal detectors are cumbersome to install and maintain, require digging trenches to bury them underground, and the wires are vulnerable to rodent damage. So metal detectors are not commonly used as driveway alarms.

3.Active infrared beam system
Active infrared beams work in pairs and include a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitting end sends out infrared beam, and the receiving end receives the infrared beam. When an object completely blocks the infrared beam, an alarm signal is immediately sent out. Solar wireless infrared beam with built-in LCD calibration device, is easy to install and not affected by outdoor wind and rain, it is with high detection reliability. Solar break beam system is a good choice for driveway alarm system.

Users can choose the appropriate driveway alarm system according to the actual use environment and demand. Driveway alarm detector is not only a simple reminder device on the driveway now, more and more users have begun to use these detectors as their outdoor anti-theft alarm products.
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