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Addressable Fire Alarm System illustration
Addressable Fire Alarm System is Residential, Commercial and industrial fire security system. The fire alarm system is fire detection and fire automatic fighting system. More important than burglar alarm security system, fire security system is the basic security equipment for real estate construction including residential building and business buildings.
The fire alarm master panel is capable of indication, surveillance and controlling for the whole security system. Separated display is available for security guard monitoring. The addressable fire alarm panel can automatically monitor and close fire door, turn on electric fan or pump, shut off non-fire lift and control fire lift etc. It can automatically turn on gas extinguishing control panel for fire fighting.

Addressable fire alarm master control panel is intelligent fire security equipment. It can be programmed to execute automatic fire fighting instructions such as turn on sprinkler system, gas extinguishing system, activate closure of motorized damper when detected toxic gas concentration in the fresh air reaches preset alarm set point.

How can the fire master control panel monitor and control so many types devices. For example, solenoid valve types devices are controlled by pulse switch power and pump needs electric-level circuit output controlling. Other linkage devices such as door switch contact, relay output detectors or 2-wire output detectors, conventional fire bell, fire horn, fire broadcast system, all types devices can communicate with the address fire master control panel.

The bridge is fire modules. Modules are the bridge of fire master control panel and various peripheral devices.

Short-circuit isolator is used for the short circuit fault protection of buses. When a bus circuit is operating normally, the GL-957 short circuit isolator will not operate; when a short circuit fault occurs at a place at the output end of the short circuit isolator in the bus circuit (short-circuit current >200mA), the section suffering the short circuit fault will be cut off from the bus, thus ensuring the normal communication of the other sections of the bus. Upon elimination of the short circuit fault, the short circuit isolator can automatically bring the isolated section into the system again. A short circuit isolator will make it convenient to confirm the location suffering a short circuit fault. The short circuit isolator does not need coding nor occupies the address in the bus circuit.
Input module is used with,a two-bus fire alarm control panel. It can be connected with a conventional smoke detector, a conventional heat detector, a conventional manual call point, a conventional hooter/horn and some other equipment. After the said equipment starts to operate, the alarm signal output will be sent by the module to the fire alarm control panel through a signal bus to give a fire alarm.
Input/output module is mainly used to realize an output control for fire linkage equipment (such as smoke dampers, blow valves and fire dampers) and receive the feedback signals of the fire linkage equipment so that a judgment on whether or not the fire linkage equipment is operating normally can be done.
The panel MN300 is a new type of analog fire alarm control panel which has 324 alarm control points (detectors and modules which are characterized by fully mixed coding, non-polarity and two buses). It complies with the provisions of both Fire Alarm Control Units (GB4717-2005) and Automatic Control System for Fire Protection (GB16806-2006).

Its characteristics are as follows:

The intelligent detectors and the intelligent modules have internal microprocessors to realize digital filtering and auto-compensation functions; the data collection is true and reliable; the panelcontrol panel can carry out data processing based on fuzzy control theory and modern fire alarm theory to fundamentally avoid missing alarms and to reduce false alarms, so as to improve reliability.
The detectors have a sensitivity setup function and can adjust the alarm sensitivity according to the specific environment and their influences.
The detecting bus and the control bus share a two-wire structure and have non-polarity and fully mixed coding of the detectors and modules, and the intelligent detectors and the intelligent modules can be directly connected to them, which greatly simplifies the system wiring, engineering installation and circuit maintenance.
The system uses an AC-DC master-standby power supply system which will automatically change between the master and standby power supplies in the event of a power failure of either of the two power supplies to ensure uninterrupted operation of the system.
The MN300 can be connected to a special mini-printer to realize real-time printing.
The MN300 can be connected to floor fire display panels to display fire alarmsby standard RS-485
The MN300 can be connected to ten multi-line linkage control/monitoring points to control and monitor important equipment.
The AW-MN300 is equipped with eight bus manual control points, which makes it very easy for the user to control related equipment.
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