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Why is electrical fire monitoring system needed
What is an electrical fire?
Electrical fire refers to the fire caused by abnormal high temperature, electric arc and spark of electrical lines and equipment due to improper installation and use, line aging or mechanical damage, etc., which ignites combustible objects around.
Circuit overload and leakage are the main causes of residential electrical fire. Leakage is a place of the wire due to mechanical damage, insulation aging and other reasons leading to the insulation performance of the wire decline, so that there is an abnormal leakage current between the wire and the earth through, that is, the residual current.
What is an electrical fire monitoring system?
Electric fire monitoring system refers to the system which can send out alarm signal, control signal and indicate the alarm position when the detected parameter in the protected line exceeds the alarm set value.
Why to set up an electrical fire monitoring system?
Electrical fire monitoring system is an early warning system, which differs from the traditional automatic fire alarm system in that the early alarm of electrical fire monitoring system is to avoid losses, while the traditional automatic fire alarm system is to reduce losses.
Therefore, both new and rebuilt projects that have installed automatic fire alarm systems need to add electrical fire monitoring systems.
Composition of electrical fire monitoring system:
Electrical fire monitoring controller: It has 2 loops with 255 points each for a total of 510 points. It can be used as a slave, connected with the fire alarm controller and connected with a printer. It has 1 set of RS485 ports, connecting CRT external devices, etc. There is a set of USB ports for transferring programs. There is one group of CAN bus ports for the integrated networking.
Combined electric fire monitoring detector: it can be connected with residual current transformer and temperature sensor.
Residual current electrical fire monitoring detector: it contains residual current transformer and module, which can be directly coded into the electrical fire monitoring controller.

Application site of electrical fire monitoring system
Electrical fire monitoring system is generally used in personnel intensive places with high fire risk and high protection level. It can be used for shopping malls, office buildings, offices, schools, residential areas, dormitories, villas and other civil buildings. It is used to detect leakage current and hidden thermal failure of cable, cable terminal and intermediate joint. It is also used for temperature detection of cable contacts and intermediate contacts.
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