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Replace smoke alarms in time to avoid fire disasters
Big building fire disasters are often in the news. At this time, people regret not earlier eliminate fire safety risks, fire experts and builders analyze fire system design and use problems. It is reported that 60 to 80 percent of major injuries and property losses from building fires are due to smoke detectors not working.
Fires detected early can be easily put out or evacuated. After three to five minutes, the fire becomes very difficult to put out.The higher the building, the more difficult it is to put out the fire. Eventually, the fires caused significant loss of life and property.
How to make sure a smoke alarm (or smoke detector) is working properly?
1. Regular test is required. Most smoke alarm has test button on it. By pressing the test button, it will trigger sound light alert. That means there is no problem with the detector output circuit. Further more, you need to test the smoke sensor with Smoke detector testing instrument or a lighted cigarette.
2. Replace batteries regularly. Smoke alarms have battery life of one, three, five or ten years. When the battery is low, the smoke alarm cannot sensitively detect smoke and send alarm signals in time. When the battery is low, the smoke alarm will emit a short beep. At this time, the battery should be replaced.
3. Unlike other electrical appliances, Smoke alarms have a life span. And you won't feel it damaged. Long term absorption of dust and oil pollution in the installation environment of smoke alarm leads to loss of sensitivity of photoelectric detection sensor. Therefore, smoke alarms should be cleaned every 3 years and replaced every 10 years. To replace the smoke alarm (smoke detector), you need to know what type of it you are using. Then you buy the same type smoke alarm to replace. Refer to smoke detectors types and wiring at vedard alarm.

To avoid facing the flames, we watched our homes and loved ones lose. We must check the fire protection and fire alarm system regularly. Invest a little time and expense to acquire and maintain anti-theft and fire protection equipment.

Why are so many people trapped in an indoor fire? According to statistics, more than 80 percent of those who died in the fire were smoke-choked. Fire combustion products contain a large number of toxic components, such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrogen cyanide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, etc., these gases have different degrees of harm to human body. One of the most toxic gases is carbon monoxide. Carbon dioxide is non-toxic, but when it reaches certain concentrations, it can stimulate a person’s respiratory center, resulting in shortness of breath, increased smoke inhalation, headaches, confusion and other symptoms. The vertical flow rate of flue gas is 3-5 meters per second, which is 8-10 times the horizontal flow rate.When the toxic smoke fills the entire evacuation channel, people may faint if they stay 1-2 minutes, and people may die if they stay 4-5 minutes.
Electrical and living fire carelessness is the two main causes of residential fire. The specific causes of electrical fire include line failure, electrical equipment failure, heating appliances used for a long time or too close to fuel, etc. The specific causes of careless use of fire in life are oil pan fire, baking, improper use of stoves, smoking, spontaneous combustion, playing with fire and so on. There are a lot of flammable objects in the room, some furniture, plastic combustion will produce a lot of smoke. The smoke would have lowered the line of sight so much that it was hard to see from a meter away. After the occurrence of an indoor fire, the escape time is limited. Under normal circumstances, the ordinary residence fire will deflagration in about three and a half minutes, and the chance of escaping after deflagration is very low.
The following measures can effectively reduce the occurrence of residential fires: timely replacement of aging and damaged electrical lines, replacement of old electrical appliances, regular inspection of gas lines, no smoking in bed, teaching children not to play with fire, keeping away from combustible materials when baking and heating, checking the use of electricity and gas before going to bed or going out, etc.
In addition, fire detection and alarm equipment should be installed in the home for early warning and early detection. Once there is a fire, the alarm device will trigger the alarm, even in the middle of the night people can evacuate and call fire police. Smoke alarms are the most commonly used fire alarm detectors. According to fire protection association, A smoke alarm should be installed in every bedroom, a smoke alarm should be installed outside the bedroom where the alarm can be heard through the door. At least one smoke alarm should be installed on each floor of the residence. The closer the alarm is to the fire, the faster it will work.Therefore, as many fire smoke alarms as possible should be installed in the residence.
There are many types of smoke detectors. Refer to another article at Fire safety cannot be ignored.
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