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Smart Home & Secure Home
Home Security is development of commercial security. But the technical operation usage seems not easy to be accepted by home users. So, there are home security service, alarm system installers doing the technical works.
No, IT companies want to change it.
Advanced Mobile networks and IP multimedia application will change our living and home security. That is Smart home.
Smart home may have wireless, standard wireless communication protocol, intelligent, and shared products. Of course, the products will be easy to controlled and managed anywhere by mobile phone.
But is Smart Home the Secure Home?
Seems not! With Smart Home Device, burglar may easy to disarm the alarm system and enter your home. Even, they can open your door easy by hacking your system.
Maybe that is why Security enterprises and IT enterprises are working together for smart home and secure home.
Yes, we need smart and secure home.
In upcoming years, we will have new and more advanced smart and secure device for our home security. DIY home security is more easy and more popular.
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