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Wireless Fire Alarm System for commercial security
Fire Security System is a required safety equipment for commercial security. But both addressable fire alarm system and conventional fire alarm system requires professional engineer installation and hard wiring. Is there an innovative fire alarm system that enables easy installation and monitoring?

Wireless fire alarm system is such an intelligent -d security system. The wireless security system combines fire alarm, burglar alarm and surveillance. All the detectors including smoke detector, heat detector, gas detector, manual call point, siren strobe, intruder detector, motion sensor, door contact are wireless and communicate with fire alarm control panel by radio wave of 433MHz. The wireless fire alarm system adopts GPRS and wifi network to communicate with security service center, and safety officer. There is security cameras linked to the fire alarm control panel and enable remote surveillance and alarm information verifying.

wireless fire alarm panel

Wireless fire alarm system largely reduced work and cost of alarm system installation and fire monitoring. But there is limitation of the wireless fire alarm system. The wireless communication distance between wireless detectors and alarm control panel is 100m only. So, it can be applied for some small commercial security fields such as stores with area less than 300 square meters, small workshop or guest house with building height less than 24 meters and every floor’s area less than 250 square meters and small entertainment places with area less than 200 square meters.

Wireless fire alarm control panel and communication center

The JB-QBL-WH6001 wireless control panel has Data Collision avoidance and anti-disturbance mechanism to avoid interference of wireless signals in the same frequency range, so that it brings the system reliability and stability.Meanwhile, the WH6001 can display nodes information on real time: Status, Location, Alarm, and Fault information;Low latency; Computer concentration remote control platform and APP alarm control customer end realize intercity network by PC end.

With advanced wireless communication technology and a built-in wireless coordinator, the system can be expanded up to 4 units of wireless coordinators as well as maximum capacity would be 5 x 120 = 600 wireless nodes.

The alarm control panel has SOS (emergency button) for one click alarm and with alarm and fault relay output to connect with fire fighting and fire extinguishing, fire evacuation security equipment.

All wireless detectors have built-in intelligent microwave processing unit and sensor. They receive wireless signal from alarm panel and send alarm or fault signal to alarm panel. They are with low power consumption design and with more than 3 years battery life time.

Security system products and technology are developing to easy and comfort people living, working. Different industry and section may have different needs for security. So, we are doing our effort to making out cost effective and most suitable home security, business security, industry security, commercial security solutions.
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