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CO carbon monoxide detector
Carbon monoxide is a flammable gas and a toxic gas as well. According to the requirements of the design code for detecting flammable gases and toxic gases in petrochemical industry, only toxic gas detectors should be set up. Therefore, when choosing a detector where carbon monoxide is likely to leak, you should choose a carbon monoxide poisonous gas detector.
Carbon monoxide detector can be used as a detection device for the poisonous gas carbon monoxide.Connect it to the combustible gas alarm controller in the combustible gas detection and alarm system.Carbon monoxide detector also has sound and light alarm, and can work independently to send the alarm signal on site.

Most fires produce carbon monoxide, but early fires with inadequate combustion and smoldering produce large amounts.So carbon monoxide detectors can be used as fire detectors. When carbon monoxide detectors are used as fire detectors, they should be connected to the automatic fire alarm system.

There are two types of carbon monoxide detectors for household and industrial use. Both types have sound, light alarms and CARBON monoxide concentration LCD displays. Industrial carbon monoxide detectors are explosion-proof. Domestic carbon monoxide detectors are available in both AC and DC modes.It can be connected to the home alarm system and send alarm signals through the alarm controller. Carbon monoxide detector is an important equipment for home safety.
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