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Base Station Integrated Security Solution
Communication base station(Electric Power, Telephone Communication, TV communication) is set up in countryside without security guard on duty. How to protect the expensive communication devices? There are potential crisis such as fire, theft, flood. Any incident may cause large property loosing and network interruption. An effective security solution is important to prevent the incidents. The security solution should be able to detect all dangers signs and notify security manager remotely. The video evidence is available to check remotely. At the same time, the security system can report security event to security center such as fire department, police center according to type of security event. So, the security incident can be prevented or treated promptly. The system includes integrated surveillance video alarm, intrusion detection, perimeter security system and fire detection system. Both mobile app and PC browser can receiver security alert notification and monitor the spot remotely. Below we will clarify details of this base station security solution and security equipment used.

EAVS Alarm Video Server

EAVS is new technology modern security equipment with intrusion alarm, fire detection alarm and surveillance. Moreover, it supports almost all networks including GSM, PSTN, GPRS, 3G and TCP/IP. It adopts P2P and cloud technology and enable to monitor remotely. Set up this EAVS Video Alarm Server in the base station room, connect it with wired wireless fire detection smoke detector, gas sensor, heat detector and intrusion detectors motion sensor, perimeter infrared beams or microwave beams. Then the front detection system is connected to this alarm communication center. Any dangers will be sensed and reported. Connect it with IP cameras (Maximum 16 security IP cameras), The camera can set to take photo of preset spot and linked with alarm detector. For example, Perimeter infrared Beam 1 triggers alarm, IP camera 1 can be set to take photo of the spot of Perimeter infrared beam protection area and send picture to security center remotely. Get security alert notification fast and accurate is the big feature of EAVS Alarm Video Server. Not just alarm voice calling but video is sent to emaill address and mobile app for check and sent to cloud for record. So, quick reaction can be made to stop crime and prevent disaster. Through the EAVS Video Server, the base station can be patrolled via internet easy. From IE browser or mobile app and browser, you can monitor the station anywhere and anytime and make sure its security. Prevention is the best way of security protection. To avoid property loosing and ensure life, work keeps comfortablity, we need the best and suitable security solution.

Exterior Security

Base Station and communication device should be surrounded by electric fence, housing. The surrounded area is protected to avoid climbing intrusion. Solar-powered infrared beams, microwave barrier or outdoor infrared with microwave Detector, Shock detector can be applied as exterior security of base station.

Perimeter Security Equipment

Beams Detector is the typicle perimeter security equipment. Solar-Powered Wireless infrared beams detector is with features of easy installation and maintenance wireless communication. For base station perimeter security application, 4 beams or 6 beams, 8 beams infrared detector is required to stop first place crime. Solar-powered beams can make loud sound alert on spot to scare burglary. Microwave barrier is another type perimeter security equipment. Shock detector is installed on ceiling or wall and detects sounds of breaking. Installed inside, but the shock detector can sense the crime before intrusion.

Video Alarm Security Camera

There are two types security camera, high speed dome camera and defined location gun type camera. Dome camera is with tilt and pan function and can be used to monitor the 360 view protection area. Gun-type security camera is used to monitor fixed important area.

Fire Security

Fire Detection

Fire hazard is critical danger for base station security. There maybe environment reason fire or arson crime. To prevent fire harm, there are a series of fire detectors. Smoke detector is the most important one. Smoke detector will sense smoke and trigger alarm before fire. UV flame detector and heat detectors are another two important types fire detection system.

Environment security Sensor

Water leakage or flood detector is necessary security component for base station security solution. Before the station is destructed, the base station security event is sent for voice calling and video alarm. Rescure person can hurry up to save the property. Electric power supply is monitored as well via the video alarm server. The video alarm server has DC backup battery and can keep the system working for 16-24 hours. When AC power is cut or down, the video alarm server will send alarm of power failure to remoter security monitor center.

Anti theft Detectors

To protect base station equipment including air conditioner outdoor cabinet, we need to use a series detectors. Vibration detector is installed on wall or ceiling to detect break-in behavior. Air conditioner outdoor cabinet can be protected by special loosing alarm wire. Infrared and Microwave detector is installed at device placement with 360 view to detect intrusion and trigger alarm. Door contact is embed into metal door and when door is open, it will trigger alarm. There are siren sound horn and strobe light visual alarm outdoor the base station to scare theft.
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