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Loss free new anti theft alarm device
With the development of network technology, anti-theft alarm and video monitoring have been fully integrated and developed. Webcam pixels are getting higher and higher. Using Internet technology, users can establish remote video signal transmission with network camera by smart devices, such as mobile phone, tablet, etc., and watch the monitoring video transmitted by network camera to the user’s intelligent device, thus realizing the remote network alarm. But the current intelligent security protection products can only be passive defense. Many theft crimes have been caused before the police or security personnel arrive at the scene, which brings great difficulties in recovering the property losses caused by the owners.
Is there a more direct and quick way to stop burglary remotely?

Yes.The active defense alarm uses the biological tear-inducing way to effectively prevent the criminal behavior of the illegal intruder. The security system of remote tear sniper drive includes detector warning module, video monitoring module, communication module, controller, power supply module and tear sniper module. The dual defense mode of setting up sound-light alarm to drive away and artificially combining video information to drive away actively realizes the protection against illegal intrusion in the security area, timely and effectively provides protection for the user’s property, increases the control ability of security prevention, and significantly improves the defense level. The release time of tear spray can be preset according to the area of security area, and can be used for many times, which effectively improves the use effect of tear spray.
The tear spray is highly concentrated pepper and is non-toxic. The spray is filled with high pressure gas and takes effect in 3 seconds. The spray can be started by remote APP control. It has a large capacity of 320ml and can be sprayed many times, at least 10 times. The spray area is 20-30 square meters in a closed room.
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