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Technical code for fire alarm system in wireless networking
Scope of application of wireless fire alarm system
1) Buildings that are difficult to rewire and transform internally on a large scale;
2) Buildings whose power supply cannot be guaranteed;
3) A place for residential and business living together;
4) Buildings for the elderly and children, such as nursing homes, welfare homes and kindergartens;
5) Buildings for the disabled, such as service institutions for the disabled and service institutions for the extremely poor;
6) Home care, "empty nesters", scattered pension and other people living in extreme poverty;
7) Community comprehensive service facilities and other community residents activity places;
8) Shanty towns, urban and rural areas, traditional cultural villages and old residential buildings with fire resistance rating of grade 3 and below;
9) Dormitory, rented house, farmhouse, small hotel, underground living space, etc.
The system specified in this specification may also supplement the extended functions of the automatic fire alarm system.
Wireless fire alarm systems Systematic classification:
According to functions and operating characteristics, the system can be divided into three types: independent wireless networking fire alarm system, centralized wireless networking fire alarm system, and cloud server wireless networking fire alarm system.
4.2.1 Independent Wireless Networking Fire alarm system: the system is self-contained and can realize independent functions. It can connect some fire equipment and/or fire Iot management center through wireless/wired mode.
4.2.2 Centralized Wireless Networking Fire alarm system: The system has its own functions and can be connected with the fire detection and alarm system, fire linkage control system and fire warning system defined by GB50116 through wireless and/or wired to form an automatic fire alarm system.
Holdings cloud server wireless networking fire alarm system, fire alarm management platform in the cloud server running on the Internet and wireless gateway and wireless communication between nodes by wireless network, fire alarm management platform and wireless gateway, integrated fire control system, fire fighting iot information interaction between the management center via the Internet.
Applicable sites for various systems:
4.3.1 Independent wireless network Fire alarm system is suitable for places where only alarm management, alarm information push and equipment management are required, and linkage automatic fire fighting equipment is not required.
4.3.2 Centralized Wireless Networking Fire alarm system Applies to the buildings or buildings with automatic fire alarm system, some areas or locations need to be equipped with wireless networking fire alarm system, and need to be connected to the fire control room and linkage automatic fire equipment.When this kind of system is connected to the fire control room and linkage automatic fire equipment, the fire control room or control center alarm system shall be set according to the provisions of 3.2 in GB50116.
4.3.3 The cloud Server Wireless Fire alarm system applies to the protected objects that have the following characteristics:
1) It is not suitable to set up a centralized monitoring room;
2) The scope of buildings is relatively scattered (such as multiple nursing homes, kindergartens, welfare homes, shanty towns, urban-rural fringe areas, traditional cultural villages)
3) one or more building areas in a part of the place (such as home pension, dispersed pension housing, rural entertainment, small brigade
Pavilion, etc.).
The three types of wireless networking fire alarm systems in the standard are highly innovative, integrating the latest cloud computing, wireless Internet of Things and other technologies, which will bring disruptive changes to the fire protection industry.
Wireless intelligent fire protection solutions:
The latest LoRa/LoRaWAN and NB-iot technologies are used to provide integrated fire-fighting IoT solutions for old, small and dispersed places.Solve the difficult problems of fire reconstruction and fire facilities addition in these places, as well as the deployment, management and maintenance of fire alarm equipment.The scheme has the characteristics of large coverage, easy deployment, low cost, intelligent management and wide application range.
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