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How is sensor important for smart home
Sensing technology is important for smart home system. With sensors, the environment change can be sensed and reported to controller for analysis, the controller then commands the device adjusting and responding. The smart home system is the real automatic running smart system.

How is sensor important for smart home. How does the sensing technology change and improve the smart home system functions? Below we will analyze it.

Sensors provide abundant data and enable artificial intelligence of smart home system
With sensors, the smart home system will be more programmable. Home is more visible and environment change is quantized and smart home system can automatically running according to change of reality. Everything can be a virtual device and is connected. Everything is intelligent and can learn and respond. So, the smart home system can provide suitable service automatically.

Sensor is connection of house appliance
With sensors, the house appliance such as lighting, curtain, air conditioner, cooker can be set according to the model. So, the home is smart.

Only with sensing technology, the smart functions can be realized
Smart home system is based on home, with building management, network communication, house appliance automation controlling and comfort functions.

Only with sensing technology, the home model can be set and remote controlled.

With sensing technology, no need manual operation
The smart home system can automatically respond to environment without manual operation or input. Various sensors can work together and largely improve smart home intelligence.

Sensing technology is needed for products digital
The improvement of smart home system relies on digital products. Sensors adding is the way to improve the products to digital products. So, the products information can be connected, transformed, saved, judged, analyzed and executed.

The sensors function can be expanded with application of smart home system
The sensors can be with multiple functions when it is used for smart home system. For example, infrared detector PIR, when it is used for burglar alarm system, it is a motion sensor only to trigger alarm. But when it is used for smart home system, it can be used as motion sensor when the system armed; it can be used as sensor light when the system is disarmed. With multiple sensors and adding logical analysis, it can be used as elders monitor alarm sensor.
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