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Difference of sound light alarm and explosion proof alarm
What’s the difference between fire sound-light alarm and explosion proof sound-light alarm? Below we will explain the function and characteristics of these two devices.
Fire sound-light alarm:
Fire sound-light alarm is used for the sound alarm and flash alarm at the scene of the accident, especially when the visibility is low or smoke is generated at the scene of the accident. Fire sound-light alarm only needs to be connected to DC24V power supply to work. It can be connected to the fire alarm control system, security monitoring alarm system and other alarm systems where DC24V voltage works. And it triggers high-decibel alarm sound and dazzling flash signal when alarming. Fire sound-light alarm has the characteristics of low power consumption, long life, sound alarm tone selection, flexible installation and convenience.
Explosion-proof sound-light warning alarm device:
Explosion-proof acousto-optic alarm is suitable for installation in Ⅱ C (Ⅱ B) level T6 temperature group explosive gas environment. When the accident or the emergencies such as fire, gas explosion alarm is sent to the control panel, the control panel will start the audible and visual alarm sound and light alarm circuit, a sound and light signal alarm is sent out. Explosion-proof acousto-optic alarm can also be used together with the manual alarm button, to trigger a simple sound, light alarm. Explosion-proof acousto-optic alarm using ultra bright LED light-emitting tubetube and it is 360 degree clearly visible.
So, the difference between the explosion-proof acousto-optic alarm with sound and light alarm is the using place. Explosion-proof acousto-optic alarm is used at more dangerous place where explosive gas exists such as chemical factory, hydrogen production station. Sound and light alarm is used in the common area without explosion gas.
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