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What is beam system and how does it work
Beam system is active infrared detector. It is consist of transmitter terminal, receive terminal, Optical lens, LED indicator for light intensity etc. The system works as invisible light wall. When someone is entering into the light wall, it blocked the beams. Then the detector triggers alarm for warning and notice. The beam system keeps working 24 hours.photoelectric beam system

To avoid false alarm of blocking by falling leaves, flying bird or small animals, the blocking time should be set not too short. But to ensure no missing alarm of quick passing theft, the blocking time should be set not too long. So, the blocking time or named sensitivity should be set accurately according to the environment. Factories may make the sensitivity adjustable at set value. Below is the sensitivity adjustment way for Solar powered beams system.

HB-T001Q3+ is -d item of HB-T001Q3. It has new features of including LCD calibrator and trigger sensitivity adjusting. With built-in LCD calibrator, the transmitter terminal and receiver terminal can be easy calibrated for working.
Moreover, HB-T001Q3+ trigger sensitivity can be adjusted by customer. Below is the steps to adjust the trigger sensitivity of HB-T001Q3+.
How to program the sensitivity of the solar beams
Sensitivity of the solar beams divided into 2 types: 200ms(factory default) and 100ms
Please follow up the operation steps if you want to switch the sensitivity of the beams to be 100ms
Step 1: Turn on the solar beams by press the ON/OFF button 3 times (both the transmitter and receiver)
windows break preventionStep 2: Long time press the ON/OFF button for 10 seconds and release the button when you hear bleep prompt (both the transmitter and receiver)
Step 3: Press the ON/OFF button 6 times (both the transmitter and receiver)
Step 4: Make sure the solar beams aligned with each other
Step 5: Long time press the ON/OFF button for 10 seconds and release the button when you hear bleep prompt (only the receiver)
Step 6: Press the ON/OFF button 4 times (only the receiver)
Step 7: Program successfully when you hear bleep prompt

There are three types beams system. They are infrared beams, infrared grating, and infrared light wall. They are applied at different situation. Infrared beam is installed on wall or fence. It has 3Infrared light wall beams or 4 beam, 6 beams and length is short compared with other two types. So, it should be installed over the wall or fence or with bracket and pole to get enough protection height. But it has maximum 100 meters detection length. Infrared grating is used for windows, balcony or gate. It has 4 beams or 8 beams and with 620 mm to 1200 mm. The detection distance is 10 meters only. Infrared light wall is used for fixing on ground and can have lamp on cover.
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